Transparency Causes Margin Compression

You already know the Internet has changed the car business, but what if transparency worked in your favor too? Scilicet brings togheter over 1,300 variables to help bring intelligence back to the car selling process.  

Dealer Incentives Go Unutilized

Dealer incentives get customers in the door, but even the best incentive programs don’t always close the deal. The fact is, if you know how and when to allocate manufacturer incentives properly, you can close more deals.

Aniquated Accounting Kills Deals

We all know the problem. Sales and profits are convoluded across departments. Incentives change with every sale. Some vehicles are more profitable than others. The automotive dealership P&L is a messs.  Frankly, selling new cars is complicated, but there is a tool to help make sense of it all!

Let’s Solve These Challenges!

It’s time to solve these problems and to make selling cars fun and profiable again.

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