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PIVOT™ is a patented platform that brings OEMs, Dealers and Consumers together in real time to optimize every sales opportunity.

We combine all relevant sales information of incentives, inventory, invoice, income, interest in real time to optimize each and every potential sale. The efficiencies derived through the PIVOT platform, enable OEMs to sell more, dealers to make more and consumers to save more.

collaboration with OENs, Dealer Operators and Sales Desks

Bringing OEMs, Dealer Operators and their Sales Desks together, in realtime, to ensure that every sales opportunity is realized.

Creating transparency

Creating transparency so that the full value of each opportunity is considered, before the ‘moment-of-truth’, when final decisions are being rendered.

maximum efficiency in resource deployment

Leveraging patented processes and proprietary technologies designed specifically to assure maximum efficiency in the deployment of resources.

automating the communication loop

Automating the communication loop when business circumstances change, so that all parties are made aware when missed opportunities are revived.

expenses are incurred against incremental sales

Providing irrefutable evidence that expenses are incurred exclusively against incremental sales, and at acceptable predetermined costs.


Optimize your dealer incentives

Get more accurate forecasts

Minute by minute controls

Save a deal in 15 seconds

I’ve given you a login to every system in my dealership… I did that because I trust you. I feel that you have my best interests at heart. You are the only (company) on the planet that understands how it all works together… and how to integrate all these platforms. This is exactly why I brought you on, to help me generate more business…

Patrick BeckDealer Principal
Bakersfield Hyundai