Profit Through Transparency

Providing Effective and Innovative solutions to a complex dealer ecosystem.

Tackling complexities of the dealer ecosystem.

We ease the maneuvering of the complex dealer ecosystem maximize your technology investment and realizing unimaginable sales efficiencies and improvements.

Commitment to performance excellence

As strategic and operational advisors we support critical decisions with prescriptive advice relied upon data centric insight and dealer operational expertise enhancing profitability, compliance and services.

Innovative solutions maximizing profitability

We remove informational uncertainty and consolidate unseen variable by bringing transparency to the automotive sales process allowing optimization of each and every potential sale with the PIVOT™ platform.

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Professional Services

Our advisory and management services enable and empower dealerships to transform your ecosystem, optimize processes, and eliminate performance leakage.

Streamline your sales process and increase productivity, lower costs and improve control while elevating your customer experience. Our proven and proprietary diagnostics and performance accelerator is performed by our elite team with over 20 years in the automotive and dealerships industry.

Solution Platform

The PIVOT™ Platform is a patented platform that brings OEMs, Dealers and Consumers together in real time to optimize every sales opportunity.


We combine all relevant sales information of incentives, inventory, invoice, income, interest in real time to optimize each and every potential sale. The efficiencies derived through the PIVOT platform, enable OEMs to sell more, dealers to make more and consumers to save more.

“I’ve given you a login to every system in my dealership… I did that because I trust you. I feel that you have my best interests at heart.”
“You are the only (company) on the planet that understands how it all works together... and how to integrate all these platforms.”
“This is exactly why I brought you on, to help me generate more business…”

Patrick Beck

Dealer Principal
Bakersfield Hyundai


Scilicet will drive the auto industry forward by providing real time, actionable information and efficiencies which enable manufacturers to make more, dealers to sell more and consumers to purchase more than ever before.

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