In the past success was found by keeping information in isolation, because those with the best data prevailed.


But that paradigm has shifted, transparency is the new normal and competitive advantage now favors collaboration over isolation.


Going forward, success for OEMs and Dealers will rely upon clearly aligned objectives and closely integrated processes.

Diagnosis: Margin Compression Obsession (MCO)


First discovered about 10 years ago, MCO spreads through webinars, workshops, 20-group meetings, industry conventions, and so on.


MCO manifests itself in the mistaken belief that Margin Compression is the inevitable AND EXCLUSIVE consequence of market transparency.


MCO impairs the vision of those inflicted, rendering them incapable of recognizing the many profit opportunities that arise from transparency.


MCO sufferers must endure the despair of believing that transparency and margin compression are synonymous.


The only known cure for MCO is SCILICET®.


When used daily, SCILICET® reveals unrealized profit opportunities.


In controlled studies, SCILICET® has consistently ‘Saved’ 50% of the deals that Dealers would have otherwise missed.

Active Ingredients


Bringing OEMs, Dealer Operators and their Sales Desks together, in real-time, to ensure that every sales opportunity is realized.


Creating transparency so that the full value of each opportunity is considered, at the moment-of-truth’, when final decisions are being rendered.


Leveraging patented processes and proprietary technologies designed specifically to assure maximum efficiency in the deployment of resources.


Automating the communication loop when business circumstances change, so that all parties are made aware when missed opportunities are revived.


Providing irrefutable evidence that expenses are incurred exclusively against incremental sales, and at acceptable predetermined costs.

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