Bringing Digital Transformation into Focus

 Enabling the use of perfectly efficient, dynamic and responsive incentives



Advances the engagement model to connected and inclusive enabling the OEM to collaborate with their retail dealers and consumers at the all important moment of truth.

Guarantees lower incentive costs while maintaining sales volume

Connected and inclusive engagement model exposes the true demand distribution and informs perfect investment decisions.

Utilization of AI providing visibility ensuring that all available opportunities are discovered

Allows for the recovery of missed opportunities

Increasing volume and profits for OEMs while lowering cost and easing the process for consumers.


Bringing OEMs, Dealer Operators and their Sales Desks together, in real-time, to ensure that every sales opportunity is realized.


Creating transparency so that the full value of each opportunity is considered, at the moment-of-truth’, when final decisions are being rendered.


Leveraging patented processes and proprietary technologies designed specifically to assure maximum efficiency in the deployment of resources.


Automating the communication loop when business circumstances change, so that all parties are made aware when missed opportunities are revived.


Providing irrefutable evidence that expenses are incurred exclusively against incremental sales, and at acceptable predetermined costs.

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Scilicet will drive the auto industry forward by providing real time, actionable information and efficiencies which enable manufacturers to make more, dealers to sell more and consumers to purchase more than ever before.

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