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Advisory Services

Strategic analysis, evaluation of current positioning delivered with an in-depth recommendations and strategic options elevating your position in a competitive landscape. Offered by our experts with a deep understanding of the industry coupled with our unique and custom approach is leveraged in the assessment of sales efficiencies, effectiveness, alignment, compliance and performance. Resulting

Management Services

Our professionals bring deep business understanding and transformation experience creating resilient operations and furthering measurable business growth. We accelerate your business transformation with intelligent workflow, integration of your technologies and insightful data enabling sustainable, predictive and automated operating model.

Sales Process Assessment

Review of existing sales processes, their effectiveness, and their compatibility with the software ecosystem as deployed.

Impact Assessment

Review of the effects and consequences of proposed changes to the existing software ecosystem and/or sales processes.

Technology Assessment

Review of existing software solutions, their effectiveness, and their ability to support the sales processes employed.

Market Assessment

Review of competitive solutions and provide recommendations for options to address specific software and/or sales process deficiencies.

Change Management

Providing accountability, oversight and project management, so as to ensure successful migration between solutions within the software ecosystem.

Technology Management

Establishing and maintaining seamless integration between the disparate solutions comprising the software ecosystem, devising and implementing ‘work-arounds’ as appropriate.

Data Management

Providing revisions to the data tables, calculations, etc. residing within, or referenced by, the disparate solutions comprising the software ecosystem.

Vendor Management

Assuming responsibility for vendor coordination and communication, as necessary, to realize maximum solution benefit for the dealer, and engagement efficiency for the vendor.

Performance Management

Engaging sales leadership as necessary to ensure best practices are implemented and best-in-class results are achieved, serving as change agent as/if required